Table Rules

No confirming critical hits

For the dodge feat we are using the pathfinder. it adds a general +1 to your AC

When ever Gimli asks for something the answer is always no.

rolling 1s on an attack is an epic failure, you must reroll with no modifiers. A 10 or less results in a penalty. 11-20 nothing happens the attack just misses.

All items are not available everywhere. Shops will have limited supplies with specific items.

If your character Dies and is not resurrected. Your new character will come in one level lower with the minimum experience for that level

There is also DM info

For those who are wondering here is the Critical hit table (v2.0)

on a critical hit roll 1d4 then based on damage type follow the chart (types blogening,piercing, and slashing)

1 Head
B – 1d6 con damage
p – roll 1d6 1-4= lost eye + wound 1, 5-6 instant death
S – wound 1

2 neck
B – no air for 1d12 rounds +save vs pain each round
P – wound 2 + no save for pain + 1 con damage per round until healed
S – wound 5 + no save vs pain + 1d6 con damage per round until healed

3 Torso
B – 1d12 con damage
P – roll 1d6 1-2= wound 1 2-5= wound 2 +dc15 fort save vs unconsciousness per round
6= wound 3 +dc 15 fort save per round vs death
S – wound 1

4 legs
B – 1d6 dex damage + half speed for one leg, if both legs then immobile
P – wound 1 + 1d6 dex damage
S – wound 2 + 1d8 dex damage

(wound system – it is a save vs pain DC 15 + wound vs pain. if save is failed then the injured character is stunned and prone for 1d6 rounds)

Table Rules

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