Notable Places

The Academy of Elemental Study – located in Ffoney. The Academy of elemental study is the school where druids and wizards learn their elemental based stills. It is located in the cities center. Their is a wealth of knowledge located their on nature and the elements. It is guarded by elven druids. Their is rumored to be a sacred artifact under the school.

The Pantheon of White Light – Located in Leham. The Pantheon of White Light is a sacred temple for followers of Pelor. Followers of many other deities travel there to see the temple. It is guarded by an order of Paladins. In the basement of the Temple is a portal to another plane. This plane is called “The Last Citadel”

The School of Sorcerous Study – Located in blabluff – It is the school where sorcerers, wizards, and other arcane spell-casters learn and develop their skills. It is guarded by many wards.

The Plane known as the “Last Citadel” – IT is a pocket plane that is inhabitied by mainly grey elves. The moved their great city to this plane to protect it. They are very isolationist and easily worked up. Because of their fear of outsiders they maintain a large military despite their isolation. The features of the plane are as follows. The citadel and then an endless grassy plane that goes on forever. The Citadel is entirely self sufficant. Their is a return portal to the material plane it is well guarded. The Citadel is also home to another portal – To the entrance to the Dread Gate.

The Dread Gate – Little is known about it except it is the place where the Orb of nightmares was created

Notable Places

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