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Ok, here is the wiki page for the campaign. This is where I will post setting and rules related stuff. first off are the Table Rules. These are unique to this campaign.

Next is the Setting which contains the game world along with Cities, Towns and Notable Places. This is an original campaign setting. I will not be using any D&D cannon.

Here are the rules for Character Creation. I will also be putting up notable NPCs as time goes on in the Characters page. After every game I will update their Bios, as your characters go through the game. Please keep your characters up to date as well.

There is also an Items page where I will be putting up items of note that the party comes across. of course anyone can put up items. If you wish to put up loot that wasn’t taken by anyone or just an item you want to trade. You are more then welcome to.

- update the Dread Gate has just been added -

- update new rule The Zero Rule -

Main Page

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