Forline – Population 64000, mostly human, some other civilizations. The city is defended by a series of arcane wards. It is governed by a senate of elected representatives.

Ffoney: Population 23000, mixed elf and satyr. Most of the buildings are constructed from living trees. It is governed by a mayor, a female elf named Nelaser. The Academy of Elemental Study is located here.

TheaGrove – Population 14000, mostly dwarf, some human. Most of the buildings are constructed from massive stone blocks. It is governed by an order of knights and warriors, led by a male dwarf named Baldi Ekodrson.

ShyHam – Population 19000, mixed human and elf. The city is defended by a series of stone walls and gatehouses. It is governed by several wealthy aristocrats, whose bizarre laws and decrees are commonly ignored. Hoham has many alchemists, and its night sky is often filled with fireworks and pyrotechnics.

Lukil – Population 16000, mostly bugbear, some other monstrous races. The city is dominated by several tall towers. It is ruled by a monstrous tyrant, a dragon named Arsidus. Gorbolg was devastated by a divine curse long ago, and many buildings are empty or in ruins.

Taydale – Population 25000, mixed human and halfling. The city sits upon the banks of a river, spanned by many bridges. It is governed by a noble aristocrat, the halfling lord Wine, though a senate of elected representatives has significant influence and power.

Sheagrove – Population 19000, primarily human, some elf and half-elf. The city is built inside a dormant valcano , accessible by a single road. It is governed by several legendary adventurers. The most prominent tavern is The Thief’s Alehouse, on Upper Tome Chase. The city has recently closed it self off from the rest of the world


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