The Great Artifact Race

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Week 1
It begins
Adventurers from all over the world gather for a chance at glory and fame to the city of Taydale(Taydale – Population 25000, mixed human and halfling. The city sits upon the banks of a river, spanned by many bridges. It is governed by a noble aristocrat, the halfling lord Wine, though a senate of elected representatives has significant influence and power.). A competition has been announced. The governor of the city Lord Wine. A halfling who owns about half the city. Has sent word of said competition to all the corners of the mainland. The players all enter on thier own. They are all gathered to the city center where they wait for wine to appear on stage and explain the quest they are to undertake. Lord Wine, steps onto the stage, he casts a spell and his voice can be heard throughout the entire city.

“Guest, adventurers, and competitors, I have gathered you all here to bestow apon you a quest for the ages. It is called the Quest for the Tower of Oathes. This will quest will challenge all of your skills, your braveory, and your will. Tomorrow morning from this very spot you will leave this city and begin a journey to the the Tower of Oathes in the Town of Tepool. You will be given a map and only a map. to the tower. It is up to you to decide the route you will take. The goal is to collect the figurine of the golden Lion that lies within the tower. The First party to bring it to me will be given vast wealth and fame throught the land. Now the parties will be randomly drawn from a lottery. All of you must register before tomorrow morning and at dawn we will select teams. good luck to all of you.”

After the speech the 4 adventurers (player characters) go their separate ways. First Errick, a fighter. He heads to the red light district and finds some good clean fun. Next is Rajule a very ugly looking Orc type creature. he searches the pubs for a nice meal. He finds it in a drunken dwarf whom he kills after a quick scuffle. Next is Elba a rogue who finds a nice tree to sleep in for the night. Finally, Hedera a female Drow cleric, she finds an adventuring party enjoying drinks in a local pub. She drinks with them and manages to seduce their sorcerous who happens to be a half elf. The paladin of that group warns Hedera to not harm his fellow adventurer. Hedera and the sorcerous leave to find a spare room.

In the morning all the adventurers meet at the city center agian Lord wine speaks to the crowd

“Here are the rules, You must gather the figurine yourselves, you can’t hire anyone to help you. teleportation is forbidden, and so is scrying. The tower is warded agianst such things just in case. You may use any tools at your disposal, as well as purchase items as long as they don’t violate any of the rules. God speed to you all.”

lots are drawn and our 4 adventures draw the same numbers and become a party. In total 10 parties are formed. Each party is handed a map and the competition begins.

The PC’s (player characters) set off headed north west. which will take them about 6 days of travel to reach the tower. durning travel the first day they come across another adventuring party (a mix of people)

(Forthre: Male Human Cleric, N. Forthre has tangled blonde hair and light gray eyes, and is common in appearance. He wears banded mail and wields a club
Teinni: Male Dwarf Barbarian, CN. Teinni has gray hair and brown eyes. He wears chainmail and wields a greatsword.
Finy Rete: Male Half-elf Wizard, NG. Finy is tall, with brown hair and light brown eyes. He wears yellow robes and wields a quarterstaff and dagger. Finy carries a satchel of random junk.
Hilda: Female Half-orc Sorcerer, N. Hilda has tangled gray hair and brown eyes. She wears ruby robes and wields a shortspear.
Galemmin: Male Elf Ranger, N. Galemmin has braided black hair and soft green eyes, and is rugged in appearance. He wears leather armor and wields a battleaxe and buckler. )

The PC’s immediately agree to kill the other party and take their stuff. The battle is swift. Rajule strikes the first blow on Finy and both parties enguage in combat. Rajule takes out Finy and is hammered by Forthre, Teinni, and Galemin. after Forthre drops, Hilda breaks ranks and flees. she ends up escaping. The PC’s quickly overwhelm the other party until Galemin is the only one left. He surrenders, the PC’s strip him of everything (including his clothing) and after a discussion of what to do with him they decide hes not worth keeping alive and kill him as well. They loot the bodies and carry on.

The rest of the day carries on with incident. That night nothing happens as well. The next day the come across an abandoned cart carrying 200 gold. They are hesitant to take the gold but in the end all but Rajule take the gold. Nothing further happens that day. at night They notice unicorns grazing but do not bother them. The next day they reach the town of Ampbluff(: Population 1400, mostly human, some dwarf and gnome. The town is defended by a strong stone wall and gatehouse. It is governed by a noble aristocrat, the human lord Tane. Ampbluff is infamous for its heavy-handed town guard.)

Elba approachs the town guard first at the main gate. The guards ask for his purpose for entering the town and how long he will stay. Elba anwsers and the guards says it is 50 gold to enter the city. Elba then goes to tell the rest of the party.

Week1 part 2

After consideration the party comes up with a plan to get inside the town. Rajule decides to barter off Hedera to one of the guards, for a reduced rate on the towns entrance fee for the group, unbeknownst to to Hedera. Once they enter the town they hear about the heavy-handedness of the guards, they promptly leave. This strand Hedera in the town with one of the guards. (whom she seduces and kills). She meets up with the rest of the group down the road.

They meet coming down the road later that day, a group of gnome knights. traveling in the opposite direction. That night, during the 2nd watch they are met by a Druid and his wolf. Rajule precedes to insult and mock him and attempt to pick a fight with him. The druid leaves angry.

The next day they find an alchemist shop on the road and take a look inside and then later find a dead body and loot it. later on in the day they see 5 barbarians charging down the road, killong everything they see. A tough battle ensues Elba gets severely injured by the barbarians. rajule ends up defeating the last of the barbarians. After that the party loots the body’s.

end scession

Week 2

As we rejoin the party the party they had just finished a battle with some raging barbarians. Once they finished looting the bodies they continue to Tepool. about an hour later they are meet by Black Hawk an elven Swashbuckler who was late to the drawing of numbers at the beginning of the competition and had to catch up to the rest of the party.

They then travel until night. During the night black hawk and hedera find a large golden box. After a few attempts to break into the box black hawk gives up. In the morning they all wake up and after a little effort Rajule breaks the lock and they find a stash of magical items including a everburning sash, after that they carry on. About half way through the day they come across a Paladin of Bahamut. He identify’s himself as a member of the Order of Holy Swords. He says he is investigating a rash of murders lately. After asking a few questions to the party, he prepares to leave. Before he does he asks their names for reference. This makes Rajule unhappy and forces him to attack the paladin. The party then engage the paladin, a fierce battle ensues but the paladin is outnumbered and killed. Before he dies he warns the party that he will be avenged.

After the paladin dies the PCs then loot his body and desecrate it. and carry on. They stop and rest for the night. At dawn they run into another party into the competition, a group of spell casters. The Spell casters want to eliminate the PCs from the game and attempt to kill them. The battle is tough but the PCs prevail. the loot the wizards and find several useful items including a platinum key. Then the pcs continue on their way.

At mid day they reach the city of Tepool, the sky is darkened with the smoke from many forges. The large tower can be seen in the center of town. The tower of oathes. They are stopped at the gate, one of the guards demands that they kneel and pray to Moradin so that they may enter. The PCs do. Then they demand the pcs leave all food rations behind, and say there are many fine taverns where they can buy food. The Pcs explain that they have no food and get in the city.

Once in the town they see several signs some are painted over several times and most are illegible. The few they make out are “by decree of the senate all sale and distribution of gems is forbidden” and “by decree of the senate it is mandated that all forges produce steel helms for the senates use” and “by decree of the senate it is mandated that all forges mint as much gold as they can.” The Pc’s are puzzled by the odd signs. Tepool has a reputation for odd laws.

Week 2 part 2

After entering the town the PCs decide its time to unload the loot they got from the past several days. They sell what they can and upgrade their stuff. After that they make their way to the Tower of Oathes. They enter cautiously. They see 1st A 40×40 circular room, there is a large arcane circle on the floor.along the far wall are stairs that go to the next level. they appear to be electrified. there is also something written in Dwarven on the wall near the entrance. " When the Seal is broken, The tower of Oathes shall fall." Near the stairs are 4 levers all of them are in the up position.

After fiddling with the levers they discover the room begins to flood if you pull the wrong ones. The PC’s then decide its a good idea to leave and wait for another party to try and solve the puzzle. After a little while another party does come accross the tower and solves the 1st floor. They follow a bit behind as the competing party goes to the second floor. as they go up the stairs the PCs hear alot of fighting. then silence.

They see at the top of the stairs the same arcane symbol on the floor, in the center of the room lies a statue of a Minatour. There are also several dead bodies on the floor. they look recently killed. there are no stairs but a large hole at the far ceiling when stairs could descend from. The PC’s try to destroy the statue but realize that their is a trap connected to it.
opon closer inspection of the statue, it appears to be sitting on a pressure plate the plate, the plate is part of a magical trap it is also the locking mechanism for the stairs. Elba disables the trap and they make it to the next floor.

At the top of the stairs the pcs see a sheet of ice for the floor, the temp is -5 degrees F. The arcane seal can be seen through the ice. the stairs are on the opposite wall. there appear to be scorch marks on the ceiling and walls. the Pcs later find out the floor under the ice is covered in fire traps. the traps are unreachable. they have a pressure trigger. too much weight on the ice and they will go off. Rajule foolishly steps on the floor and falls on the ice as the traps go off and burn him. luckly for him he is resistant to fire. he makes it to the other side but the rest of the party are stuck. They come up with a plan to trigger the traps and before they rest to have elba disable them. after a few attempts they succeed and move on.

The next floor they find an adult red dragon staring them down. Black Hawk immediately says its not real and The rest of them eventually see through the illusion. They go to the next floor.

at the top of the stairs the pcs see in the center of the room on a large stone block is golden lion figurine. all around it are 1 inch holes in the floor and ceiling. with the arcane symbol on the ceiling and floor. the small holes cove both the ceiling and the floor. Instead of going through the trapped room the attempt to rope the Lion Figurine. after a few tries they manage it. They get the statue and prepare to leave

They hear the sounds of another group coming up the stairs. A moment later one of the opposing parties enters the room. A wild look in their eyes, one of them demands that the figurine be given to them. They all seem to have a dark presence about them and a red tint to their eyes. A fight ensues, one of the opposing party a Halfling Rogue gets through the fighting not with out receiving fatal injures yet he continues to the center of the arcane circle in the room and starts chanting a spell. The rest of his party is defeated but after a round they reanimate and continue fighting.

after a few rounds the chanting stops, The halfling then turns to the PCs and mutters in draconic “The Nameless shall triumph when the sun is eclipsed in the Raven.” The seal glows brighter and explodes in magic which fills the room. The halfling is consumed by the magic and becomes a chaos beast. and the tower begins to quake.

The PCs start running down the stairs.The roof of the tower begins to cave in, as they run down the stairs each room they pass through is crumbling but none of the previous traps or magic remain. They make it out just barely. once outside the building they are immediately surrounded by the city guard and the guard captain.

Week 3

Odwith steps forward and demands the surrounded PCs surrender. The Pc’s argue that they were the victim of circumstance and had nothing to do with the towers destruction. Odwith insists says that he will determine if they were respsiable and being the only ones out of the tower before is collapsed is reason enough to arrest them. After a little more debate the Pcs surrender without a fight and are put in prison for the night

The Pcs spend the night in Jail. When they awake it is still dark, as they look outside the sun appears to be eclipsed. Distant screams can be heard throughout the town as well as the sound of fighting. The Erie light from the eclipse is enough to see that parts of the town are burning and not just smoking from forges.Fighting is heard down the hall in the prison, guards running from several assailants. the 3 guards appear in front of the cells, injured and exhausted. they barricade the door to the cell block, and then collapse on to the floor in exhaustion. They have a wild frightened look in their eyes.

The guards notice the Pcs, and when asked whats going on they say “The dead have risen and are killing the living.” and " it all started after the eclipse this morning. about 3 hours ago"
when asked to release the pcs they say " There’s no point, we are all dead. its only a matter of time before that door is broken down. and all of your equipment is in the armory down the hall." The Pc’s diplomacy their way out and diplomacy they guards to give them, their weapons. So armed with only long swords the 3 guards are now defenseless as they have given those swords away.

Rajule and Black Hawk hatch a plan to lure the zombies in using the guards as bait. The zombies shuffle into the room and the pcs quickly leave behind them and lock the zombies and guards in together. The pcs find their gear as well as more zombies. After killing the zombies they proceed to take anything of value they find in any room they come across. They find a few trinkets as well as the deed to the tower of oathes.

As they reach the exit they can see odwith outside moving towards the jail. He has 4 well armed city guards with him. As he approaches the PC’s decided what to do. He reaches the door and is surprised to find the Pc’s have escaped. once outside the prison the Pcs can see all the town. Zombies and other undead roaming around killing and eating. The gates of the town appear to be swarmed. Odwith approaches them. " How did you escape…never mind. It appears we must escape the town before we are eaten. There are too many of them to try and get out through the gates and the walls are too high to climb." He says there is a secret passage under the city hall to a small building in the desert. They must get through the small dungeon and to the other side. They come out into a small military out post that was long abandoned.

So the pcs follow him to the underground passage. As they descend into the dungeon it gets dark. Odwith pulls out a torch and a map. He leads the PCs through. In the first room they encounter some bat swarms but manage to evade them well enough. Then they come across a spiked pit trap that Hedera falls into. After a long walk through what seems like an endless hallway they find them selves in a room filled with spiked pit traps. Odwith leads them through the room and encounters a copy of himself. Then as he brings his torch up he can see 5 total copies of himself. Dopplegangers, they all fight Odwith is badly injured (broken leg) in the fight and one of the PC’s tried to take a swipe at him but misses. It is clear the PC’s no longer have need for him.

After the fight with the dopplegangers, Odwith, bandages his wounds and they continue on. After moving down another hall they encounter some dire bats who attack them. Black Hawk is critically injured in the throat by one and almost dies. He is healed in time by a reluctant Elba. After surviving that encounter Odwith tells the party they are almost out there is one more room to go through. They enter the room and find a mummy block their exit. Both Odwith and Rajule contract mummy rot from the battle. The mummy is defeated after a tough battle. Black hawk strikes a final blow to Odwith after he collapses from mummy rot. Rajule also collapses due to mummy rot he is now comatose. they carry Rajule outside to the abandoned desert outpost.

Week 4

After leaving the underground path from Tepool. The Pcs discuss what to do with Rajule who is non responsive after contracting mummy rot. They decide to finish him. Luckly for them they run into a group of small monstrous scorpions and they let the scorpions have Rajule. They travel for the rest of the day without incident. That night during one of the watches. The Pcs are met by an elven paladin who appears to glow in the night. She asks if she can rest for a few moments with the pcs.

She says that she is questing for a magic artifact and is currently on her way to Tepool. The pcs say nothing about the recent events there. She then starts expalining the artifact as the Nightmare orb. after a brief rest she then continues on.

The next morning they continue towards the nearest town

Lazyness happened

Due to my lazyness I have not posted anything in the past 3 weeks. Here is a brief overview of what happened. The party learned of the The Orb of Nightmares and that the Lion figurine held a shard of that Orb within it. Then they came accross a quest in the town of Espool involving the platnuim key they recovered. They must now go to Sheagrove to find the “Last Cathedral” The party ran into a sorceror Rewis in Ffoney who was cursed. The priests at the temple in the city could not help him. He may have been cursed by the orb of nightmares. They agree to help him find his brother Symas a monk who may have taken a piece of the orb from Rewis.

They catch up with Symas in Leham and track him to the Pantheon of white light. but during an unexpected battle with a gorgon they find out the Rewis’s curse is turning into a nightmare beast. After escaping from Rewis they chase after Symas through a dungeon where Elba the last original character is killed by a ghast. The eventually meet up with Rewis agian and make it to “The Last Citadel” where Symas is in hiding and searching for The Dread Gate

(A note to players, you may add events I left out tis was just what I could remember)

Partial Restart

SO since 3 new characters were introduced there was a lot of catching up to do. The half of the party that remained made it into the Citadel and spoke with the emperor about the matter of Symas. It appears his last known location was under the city as he looks for the dread gate. The PCs were first instructed to go and find help. The emperor gave the party 3 people to recruit. A paladin of Heriounous who doesn’t speak, an Elven Druid, and a warmage.

Then they must decide how to find Symas. The party decides to research the Dread Gate. They find out it leads to the place where the orb of nightmares was created. They then determine that the passage to the gate is under one of the cities temples. They ultimately decide the temple of St Cultbert is the right way to go. They inform the temple clerics as to the situation and go into the temples basement accompanied by a cleric. They find the door to the dread gates passageway and force it open. They walk down a hall until coming across a hidden door and open it to find several Owlbears. a brief battle ensues and the Owlbears are defeated.

In the dungeon of the dread gate

After the battle with the Owlbears the party carried on. They met a boy in the next room. A human about 12 years old. his name was Sojiro. He very politely asked the party to leave the dungeon as it was too dangerous for them. He then told the party that Symas was his master and he was order to stop the party from advancing. After some debate, the party engaged Sojiro and several other fighters. The battle was fierce but Sojiro was forced to retreat after his allies fell.

After that battle the party continued through the dungeon finding many traps and monsters along the way. In their travel they came across a proficiency that read “The Orb of Nightmares shall be restored when north becomes south and the Dread Gate opens”. they took this as a bad sign.

They ended up in a room with a larger holy symbol painted on each wall. Each symbol represented a different evil deity and each apparently a portal to another room. all 4 rooms had something nasty waiting on the other side.


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