The Great Artifact Race

Week 2

As we rejoin the party the party they had just finished a battle with some raging barbarians. Once they finished looting the bodies they continue to Tepool. about an hour later they are meet by Black Hawk an elven Swashbuckler who was late to the drawing of numbers at the beginning of the competition and had to catch up to the rest of the party.

They then travel until night. During the night black hawk and hedera find a large golden box. After a few attempts to break into the box black hawk gives up. In the morning they all wake up and after a little effort Rajule breaks the lock and they find a stash of magical items including a everburning sash, after that they carry on. About half way through the day they come across a Paladin of Bahamut. He identify’s himself as a member of the Order of Holy Swords. He says he is investigating a rash of murders lately. After asking a few questions to the party, he prepares to leave. Before he does he asks their names for reference. This makes Rajule unhappy and forces him to attack the paladin. The party then engage the paladin, a fierce battle ensues but the paladin is outnumbered and killed. Before he dies he warns the party that he will be avenged.

After the paladin dies the PCs then loot his body and desecrate it. and carry on. They stop and rest for the night. At dawn they run into another party into the competition, a group of spell casters. The Spell casters want to eliminate the PCs from the game and attempt to kill them. The battle is tough but the PCs prevail. the loot the wizards and find several useful items including a platinum key. Then the pcs continue on their way.

At mid day they reach the city of Tepool, the sky is darkened with the smoke from many forges. The large tower can be seen in the center of town. The tower of oathes. They are stopped at the gate, one of the guards demands that they kneel and pray to Moradin so that they may enter. The PCs do. Then they demand the pcs leave all food rations behind, and say there are many fine taverns where they can buy food. The Pcs explain that they have no food and get in the city.

Once in the town they see several signs some are painted over several times and most are illegible. The few they make out are “by decree of the senate all sale and distribution of gems is forbidden” and “by decree of the senate it is mandated that all forges produce steel helms for the senates use” and “by decree of the senate it is mandated that all forges mint as much gold as they can.” The Pc’s are puzzled by the odd signs. Tepool has a reputation for odd laws.

Week1 part 2

After consideration the party comes up with a plan to get inside the town. Rajule decides to barter off Hedera to one of the guards, for a reduced rate on the towns entrance fee for the group, unbeknownst to to Hedera. Once they enter the town they hear about the heavy-handedness of the guards, they promptly leave. This strand Hedera in the town with one of the guards. (whom she seduces and kills). She meets up with the rest of the group down the road.

They meet coming down the road later that day, a group of gnome knights. traveling in the opposite direction. That night, during the 2nd watch they are met by a Druid and his wolf. Rajule precedes to insult and mock him and attempt to pick a fight with him. The druid leaves angry.

The next day they find an alchemist shop on the road and take a look inside and then later find a dead body and loot it. later on in the day they see 5 barbarians charging down the road, killong everything they see. A tough battle ensues Elba gets severely injured by the barbarians. rajule ends up defeating the last of the barbarians. After that the party loots the body’s.

end scession

Week 1
It begins
Adventurers from all over the world gather for a chance at glory and fame to the city of Taydale(Taydale – Population 25000, mixed human and halfling. The city sits upon the banks of a river, spanned by many bridges. It is governed by a noble aristocrat, the halfling lord Wine, though a senate of elected representatives has significant influence and power.). A competition has been announced. The governor of the city Lord Wine. A halfling who owns about half the city. Has sent word of said competition to all the corners of the mainland. The players all enter on thier own. They are all gathered to the city center where they wait for wine to appear on stage and explain the quest they are to undertake. Lord Wine, steps onto the stage, he casts a spell and his voice can be heard throughout the entire city.

“Guest, adventurers, and competitors, I have gathered you all here to bestow apon you a quest for the ages. It is called the Quest for the Tower of Oathes. This will quest will challenge all of your skills, your braveory, and your will. Tomorrow morning from this very spot you will leave this city and begin a journey to the the Tower of Oathes in the Town of Tepool. You will be given a map and only a map. to the tower. It is up to you to decide the route you will take. The goal is to collect the figurine of the golden Lion that lies within the tower. The First party to bring it to me will be given vast wealth and fame throught the land. Now the parties will be randomly drawn from a lottery. All of you must register before tomorrow morning and at dawn we will select teams. good luck to all of you.”

After the speech the 4 adventurers (player characters) go their separate ways. First Errick, a fighter. He heads to the red light district and finds some good clean fun. Next is Rajule a very ugly looking Orc type creature. he searches the pubs for a nice meal. He finds it in a drunken dwarf whom he kills after a quick scuffle. Next is Elba a rogue who finds a nice tree to sleep in for the night. Finally, Hedera a female Drow cleric, she finds an adventuring party enjoying drinks in a local pub. She drinks with them and manages to seduce their sorcerous who happens to be a half elf. The paladin of that group warns Hedera to not harm his fellow adventurer. Hedera and the sorcerous leave to find a spare room.

In the morning all the adventurers meet at the city center agian Lord wine speaks to the crowd

“Here are the rules, You must gather the figurine yourselves, you can’t hire anyone to help you. teleportation is forbidden, and so is scrying. The tower is warded agianst such things just in case. You may use any tools at your disposal, as well as purchase items as long as they don’t violate any of the rules. God speed to you all.”

lots are drawn and our 4 adventures draw the same numbers and become a party. In total 10 parties are formed. Each party is handed a map and the competition begins.

The PC’s (player characters) set off headed north west. which will take them about 6 days of travel to reach the tower. durning travel the first day they come across another adventuring party (a mix of people)

(Forthre: Male Human Cleric, N. Forthre has tangled blonde hair and light gray eyes, and is common in appearance. He wears banded mail and wields a club
Teinni: Male Dwarf Barbarian, CN. Teinni has gray hair and brown eyes. He wears chainmail and wields a greatsword.
Finy Rete: Male Half-elf Wizard, NG. Finy is tall, with brown hair and light brown eyes. He wears yellow robes and wields a quarterstaff and dagger. Finy carries a satchel of random junk.
Hilda: Female Half-orc Sorcerer, N. Hilda has tangled gray hair and brown eyes. She wears ruby robes and wields a shortspear.
Galemmin: Male Elf Ranger, N. Galemmin has braided black hair and soft green eyes, and is rugged in appearance. He wears leather armor and wields a battleaxe and buckler. )

The PC’s immediately agree to kill the other party and take their stuff. The battle is swift. Rajule strikes the first blow on Finy and both parties enguage in combat. Rajule takes out Finy and is hammered by Forthre, Teinni, and Galemin. after Forthre drops, Hilda breaks ranks and flees. she ends up escaping. The PC’s quickly overwhelm the other party until Galemin is the only one left. He surrenders, the PC’s strip him of everything (including his clothing) and after a discussion of what to do with him they decide hes not worth keeping alive and kill him as well. They loot the bodies and carry on.

The rest of the day carries on with incident. That night nothing happens as well. The next day the come across an abandoned cart carrying 200 gold. They are hesitant to take the gold but in the end all but Rajule take the gold. Nothing further happens that day. at night They notice unicorns grazing but do not bother them. The next day they reach the town of Ampbluff(: Population 1400, mostly human, some dwarf and gnome. The town is defended by a strong stone wall and gatehouse. It is governed by a noble aristocrat, the human lord Tane. Ampbluff is infamous for its heavy-handed town guard.)

Elba approachs the town guard first at the main gate. The guards ask for his purpose for entering the town and how long he will stay. Elba anwsers and the guards says it is 50 gold to enter the city. Elba then goes to tell the rest of the party.

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