The Orb of Nightmares

A black orb with great magic inside


The orb of nightmares is smokey black and has a roughly one foot diameter. The Orb of nightmares is an intelligent artifact that grants wishes. It has the ability to grant only the wishes it sees fit. Those who have used the orb usually end up cursed by it.


It is not known how or why the orb was created.

A long time ago the orb was smashed by a legendary paladin who hid scattered and sealed away the peices of the orb.

One of the pieces was sealed away in the tower of Oathe’s. in the Golden Lion Figurine.

there are 5 total shards – the lion, the dragon, the monkey, the tiger, and the turtle

Once the pieces are taken and the seals broken they activate and have an effect on the area the are in, powers ranging from raising the dead as zombies to causing the weather to change wildly.

The Orb of Nightmares

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