The Great Artifact Race

Why are we here?

On the other side of the portal come Rewis, and the halfdragon. None of the other party members come through. After waiting for the others to arrive and nothing happening, they decide to make their way to town. On their way there, they meet a saytr who agrees to be their guide in town. They get into town and find it is small and lightly guarded. They also find that the wizard they have been questing for is a Elven sorceress who is the mayor of the town.They talk with her about the book she owns that they need. She claims that she doesn’t own the book but will research the where abouts of it for them.

After meeting the Sorceress, The Saytr has decided that it was time to try and bully the city guard into helping the party. After that didn’t work they needed a new plan. Finally more members of the party show up. with rewis’s sister Arel They devise a plan to go back and demand the book. On the way the Saytr alerted a guard and told him that the party was on their way to hurt the elven spell caster. she responded with an anti gravity spell which injured rewis who then turned into a nightmare beast.

The rest of the party ran, and once rewis was back to his normal self they picked him up and went to an inn to recover and come up with a new plan. The Saytr steals one of rewis’s rods and tries to pawn it. Through an ridiculously elaborate scheme he actually gets it stolen from him and ends up destroying the statue in the center of the city and killing a guard.

They then get together with the captain of the guard to talk to the sorceress one more time. they meet with her and strike a deal, by trading the books for a wish ring with one wish. The also wonder why they were after the book in the first place since the original quest was given to now dead party members. The Saytr started a fight that he ended up losing and he was imprisoned and the rest of the party returned to the relm they came from.



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