The Great Artifact Race

Week 4

After leaving the underground path from Tepool. The Pcs discuss what to do with Rajule who is non responsive after contracting mummy rot. They decide to finish him. Luckly for them they run into a group of small monstrous scorpions and they let the scorpions have Rajule. They travel for the rest of the day without incident. That night during one of the watches. The Pcs are met by an elven paladin who appears to glow in the night. She asks if she can rest for a few moments with the pcs.

She says that she is questing for a magic artifact and is currently on her way to Tepool. The pcs say nothing about the recent events there. She then starts expalining the artifact as the Nightmare orb. after a brief rest she then continues on.

The next morning they continue towards the nearest town



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