The Great Artifact Race

Week 3

Odwith steps forward and demands the surrounded PCs surrender. The Pc’s argue that they were the victim of circumstance and had nothing to do with the towers destruction. Odwith insists says that he will determine if they were respsiable and being the only ones out of the tower before is collapsed is reason enough to arrest them. After a little more debate the Pcs surrender without a fight and are put in prison for the night

The Pcs spend the night in Jail. When they awake it is still dark, as they look outside the sun appears to be eclipsed. Distant screams can be heard throughout the town as well as the sound of fighting. The Erie light from the eclipse is enough to see that parts of the town are burning and not just smoking from forges.Fighting is heard down the hall in the prison, guards running from several assailants. the 3 guards appear in front of the cells, injured and exhausted. they barricade the door to the cell block, and then collapse on to the floor in exhaustion. They have a wild frightened look in their eyes.

The guards notice the Pcs, and when asked whats going on they say “The dead have risen and are killing the living.” and " it all started after the eclipse this morning. about 3 hours ago"
when asked to release the pcs they say " There’s no point, we are all dead. its only a matter of time before that door is broken down. and all of your equipment is in the armory down the hall." The Pc’s diplomacy their way out and diplomacy they guards to give them, their weapons. So armed with only long swords the 3 guards are now defenseless as they have given those swords away.

Rajule and Black Hawk hatch a plan to lure the zombies in using the guards as bait. The zombies shuffle into the room and the pcs quickly leave behind them and lock the zombies and guards in together. The pcs find their gear as well as more zombies. After killing the zombies they proceed to take anything of value they find in any room they come across. They find a few trinkets as well as the deed to the tower of oathes.

As they reach the exit they can see odwith outside moving towards the jail. He has 4 well armed city guards with him. As he approaches the PC’s decided what to do. He reaches the door and is surprised to find the Pc’s have escaped. once outside the prison the Pcs can see all the town. Zombies and other undead roaming around killing and eating. The gates of the town appear to be swarmed. Odwith approaches them. " How did you escape…never mind. It appears we must escape the town before we are eaten. There are too many of them to try and get out through the gates and the walls are too high to climb." He says there is a secret passage under the city hall to a small building in the desert. They must get through the small dungeon and to the other side. They come out into a small military out post that was long abandoned.

So the pcs follow him to the underground passage. As they descend into the dungeon it gets dark. Odwith pulls out a torch and a map. He leads the PCs through. In the first room they encounter some bat swarms but manage to evade them well enough. Then they come across a spiked pit trap that Hedera falls into. After a long walk through what seems like an endless hallway they find them selves in a room filled with spiked pit traps. Odwith leads them through the room and encounters a copy of himself. Then as he brings his torch up he can see 5 total copies of himself. Dopplegangers, they all fight Odwith is badly injured (broken leg) in the fight and one of the PC’s tried to take a swipe at him but misses. It is clear the PC’s no longer have need for him.

After the fight with the dopplegangers, Odwith, bandages his wounds and they continue on. After moving down another hall they encounter some dire bats who attack them. Black Hawk is critically injured in the throat by one and almost dies. He is healed in time by a reluctant Elba. After surviving that encounter Odwith tells the party they are almost out there is one more room to go through. They enter the room and find a mummy block their exit. Both Odwith and Rajule contract mummy rot from the battle. The mummy is defeated after a tough battle. Black hawk strikes a final blow to Odwith after he collapses from mummy rot. Rajule also collapses due to mummy rot he is now comatose. they carry Rajule outside to the abandoned desert outpost.



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