The Great Artifact Race

Week 2 part 2

After entering the town the PCs decide its time to unload the loot they got from the past several days. They sell what they can and upgrade their stuff. After that they make their way to the Tower of Oathes. They enter cautiously. They see 1st A 40×40 circular room, there is a large arcane circle on the floor.along the far wall are stairs that go to the next level. they appear to be electrified. there is also something written in Dwarven on the wall near the entrance. " When the Seal is broken, The tower of Oathes shall fall." Near the stairs are 4 levers all of them are in the up position.

After fiddling with the levers they discover the room begins to flood if you pull the wrong ones. The PC’s then decide its a good idea to leave and wait for another party to try and solve the puzzle. After a little while another party does come accross the tower and solves the 1st floor. They follow a bit behind as the competing party goes to the second floor. as they go up the stairs the PCs hear alot of fighting. then silence.

They see at the top of the stairs the same arcane symbol on the floor, in the center of the room lies a statue of a Minatour. There are also several dead bodies on the floor. they look recently killed. there are no stairs but a large hole at the far ceiling when stairs could descend from. The PC’s try to destroy the statue but realize that their is a trap connected to it.
opon closer inspection of the statue, it appears to be sitting on a pressure plate the plate, the plate is part of a magical trap it is also the locking mechanism for the stairs. Elba disables the trap and they make it to the next floor.

At the top of the stairs the pcs see a sheet of ice for the floor, the temp is -5 degrees F. The arcane seal can be seen through the ice. the stairs are on the opposite wall. there appear to be scorch marks on the ceiling and walls. the Pcs later find out the floor under the ice is covered in fire traps. the traps are unreachable. they have a pressure trigger. too much weight on the ice and they will go off. Rajule foolishly steps on the floor and falls on the ice as the traps go off and burn him. luckly for him he is resistant to fire. he makes it to the other side but the rest of the party are stuck. They come up with a plan to trigger the traps and before they rest to have elba disable them. after a few attempts they succeed and move on.

The next floor they find an adult red dragon staring them down. Black Hawk immediately says its not real and The rest of them eventually see through the illusion. They go to the next floor.

at the top of the stairs the pcs see in the center of the room on a large stone block is golden lion figurine. all around it are 1 inch holes in the floor and ceiling. with the arcane symbol on the ceiling and floor. the small holes cove both the ceiling and the floor. Instead of going through the trapped room the attempt to rope the Lion Figurine. after a few tries they manage it. They get the statue and prepare to leave

They hear the sounds of another group coming up the stairs. A moment later one of the opposing parties enters the room. A wild look in their eyes, one of them demands that the figurine be given to them. They all seem to have a dark presence about them and a red tint to their eyes. A fight ensues, one of the opposing party a Halfling Rogue gets through the fighting not with out receiving fatal injures yet he continues to the center of the arcane circle in the room and starts chanting a spell. The rest of his party is defeated but after a round they reanimate and continue fighting.

after a few rounds the chanting stops, The halfling then turns to the PCs and mutters in draconic “The Nameless shall triumph when the sun is eclipsed in the Raven.” The seal glows brighter and explodes in magic which fills the room. The halfling is consumed by the magic and becomes a chaos beast. and the tower begins to quake.

The PCs start running down the stairs.The roof of the tower begins to cave in, as they run down the stairs each room they pass through is crumbling but none of the previous traps or magic remain. They make it out just barely. once outside the building they are immediately surrounded by the city guard and the guard captain.



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