The Great Artifact Race

The other realm

Sealed in the temple the party must find their way out. They travel down corridors to find a way out. Their are no lights and and the air is stale. In one of the corridors a trap is sprung by the paladin. He is crushed by the walls closing and barely escapes with his life. After some work they manage to disable the trap. After that they move on to in the next room they encounter some minatour zombies. A battle eunsues, the paladin charges in and is sorrounded by zombies who kill and start to eat him. After the zombies are defeated, Rewis turns the paladin into a zombie.

They move on and encounter some mimics and defeat them. After looting the mimics and sleeping, they move on and begin to notice that the air is getting thin, due to the fact that their is no fresh air coming in. If they don’t get out soon they will sufficate. They reach a room that has what looks like a book on a pedistul. The inscription on the book reades in celestial The Book Of Souls. Rewis takes it and as soon as he does the paladin zombie explodes from a release of divine magic. They also find the golden monkey statue , one of the worlocks takes it in a hurry (dan’s character). And shoves it in is pack.

They then put the key into the keyhole to turn on the portal and go through to see whatever is on the other side.



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