The Great Artifact Race

The Next Chapter

2 weeks after returning from the other relm. The party decides to take some down time to try and figure out their next move. Rewis and Arel research the the golden lion figurine that was left in the elven city of Ffoney for clues of its powers and how to find the others.

With the news that Symas and Sojiro may still be alive and chasing after the rest of the shards of The Orb of Nightmares. The party must prepare to do whatever it takes to find those shards first. Rewis has made a call out to adventurers, he has offered payment for services and a reward of magic when the task is complete.

The world has grown bleak since the party has returned, Tepool is now overrun with undead and under the control of a vampire who is looking to increase her territory. Reports of an army massing in the cursed Bugbear city of Lukil has the elves of Ffoney worried of an attack by the cities dragon ruler. The city of Sheagrove has closed its gates and little is known about the going ons in the city.

The order of the Holy Sword is still recovering from its defeat at the hands of Symas at the Pantheon of White Light. Their members fear that the weakened order will not be able to combat the Assassins of Nerull and their unknown supporters.

A dark cloud looms over the world, The orb of nightmares and those who would see it restored will stop at nothing. The Dread Gate was left open for whatever evil lies in wait to go through it. How will the party answer the call of destiny?



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