The Great Artifact Race

Partial Restart

SO since 3 new characters were introduced there was a lot of catching up to do. The half of the party that remained made it into the Citadel and spoke with the emperor about the matter of Symas. It appears his last known location was under the city as he looks for the dread gate. The PCs were first instructed to go and find help. The emperor gave the party 3 people to recruit. A paladin of Heriounous who doesn’t speak, an Elven Druid, and a warmage.

Then they must decide how to find Symas. The party decides to research the Dread Gate. They find out it leads to the place where the orb of nightmares was created. They then determine that the passage to the gate is under one of the cities temples. They ultimately decide the temple of St Cultbert is the right way to go. They inform the temple clerics as to the situation and go into the temples basement accompanied by a cleric. They find the door to the dread gates passageway and force it open. They walk down a hall until coming across a hidden door and open it to find several Owlbears. a brief battle ensues and the Owlbears are defeated.



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