The Great Artifact Race

Lazyness happened

Due to my lazyness I have not posted anything in the past 3 weeks. Here is a brief overview of what happened. The party learned of the The Orb of Nightmares and that the Lion figurine held a shard of that Orb within it. Then they came accross a quest in the town of Espool involving the platnuim key they recovered. They must now go to Sheagrove to find the “Last Cathedral” The party ran into a sorceror Rewis in Ffoney who was cursed. The priests at the temple in the city could not help him. He may have been cursed by the orb of nightmares. They agree to help him find his brother Symas a monk who may have taken a piece of the orb from Rewis.

They catch up with Symas in Leham and track him to the Pantheon of white light. but during an unexpected battle with a gorgon they find out the Rewis’s curse is turning into a nightmare beast. After escaping from Rewis they chase after Symas through a dungeon where Elba the last original character is killed by a ghast. The eventually meet up with Rewis agian and make it to “The Last Citadel” where Symas is in hiding and searching for The Dread Gate

(A note to players, you may add events I left out tis was just what I could remember)



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