The Great Artifact Race

In the dungeon of the dread gate

After the battle with the Owlbears the party carried on. They met a boy in the next room. A human about 12 years old. his name was Sojiro. He very politely asked the party to leave the dungeon as it was too dangerous for them. He then told the party that Symas was his master and he was order to stop the party from advancing. After some debate, the party engaged Sojiro and several other fighters. The battle was fierce but Sojiro was forced to retreat after his allies fell.

After that battle the party continued through the dungeon finding many traps and monsters along the way. In their travel they came across a proficiency that read “The Orb of Nightmares shall be restored when north becomes south and the Dread Gate opens”. they took this as a bad sign.

They ended up in a room with a larger holy symbol painted on each wall. Each symbol represented a different evil deity and each apparently a portal to another room. all 4 rooms had something nasty waiting on the other side.



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