The Great Artifact Race

A new enemy

The party choose the portal with the crimson death behind it. During the battle several members of the party near death. They eventually defeated the creature. after the battle they continued on to find the opening to the dread gate sealed. Standing in front of it are sojiro and Symas. A battle erupts to try and stop the 2 from opening the gate. Idris trys to atk symas and is punched to death. The battle goes on until Sojiro makes a deal with the silent paladin to stop. After everyone stops Arel shows up ton confront her brothers Rewis and Symas. It is revealed that Symas had killed Arel and she is back from the dead. While they are debating Sojiro viciously attacks Rewis and takes him down. Arel orders the party to leave and take Rewis with them. As the dungeon begins to quake. the party escapes and they are healed by the temple of st culthburt

The emperor, pleased with the parties performance, hands each member a special gift and shows them to the return portal. Once back to thier plane the party continue to Sheagrove to find the portal that the platnium key opens. After a few days they make it to the city. The do some investigation and find out that the legendary adventurers who run the city. They meet Roman, a cleric, he tells the party to wait a day and he will lead them to the “Final Cathedral” where the portal is said to be. during the night the paladin is attacked by assassins. He survives the attack and warns the party in the morning.

The party gathers to meet Roman, when they get there another is with him. Ingolf a human ranger. They head underground to find the temple. They reach the spot where it is suppose to be and have to start digging. After a few hours they dig through the roof of the temple and repel in. The last 2 on the roof are Roman and Ingolf who then let the party know that they hired assassins to kill them and then seal the roof. The party defeats the assassins with only minor injuries.



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